Motorcycle Prototype Companion

This program enables you to use your PC to control Motorcycle Prototype. You can use mouse and keyboard or any joystick connected to the computer to control the game. In the following documentation Input Name refers to the controls listed under the Input tab in the launcher window.

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Mouse and Keyboard

In mouse and keyboard mode the mouse controls the lean of the motorcycle and the keyboard controls acceleration and braking.

Input Name Functionality
Mouse Lean Move the mouse left and right to turn the motorcycle.
Keyboard Accelerate/Brake The key assigned to the positive axis controls acceleration and the key assigned to the negative axis controls braking.


In joystick mode everything is controlled by the assigned joystick axes. In combined axis mode acceleration and braking are controlled by the same axis, otherwise acceleration and braking are controlled by separate axes.

Input Name Functionality
Joystick Lean The axis used to turn the motorcycle.
Joystick Accelerate The axis used for acceleration (only used when combined axis mode is disabled)
Joystick Brake The axis used for braking (only used when combined axis mode is disabled)
Joystick Accelerate/Brake When combined axis mode is enabled this axis is used for both acceleration and braking.


Click the options button to open the options menu.

Option Functionality
Use mouse and keyboard This option enables and disables mouse and keyboard mode.
Combine joystick axes This option enables and disables combined axis mode.

Input Mapping

When starting the application a window is displayed that allows you to select several graphics options. To change the input mapping click on the Input tab and double click on a control to set a new mapping.


  1. This looks so cool to try out on my gear vr!

    How to connect the PC to the phone so the inputs are taken?

    1. Hi, thank you. The input is sent over LAN so as long as your PC and phone are on the same network it will work.